For some clients we work as a out of house full digital marketing department for others we train, support and advise. We tailor or services to what you need. We have nothing to sell but you.


The digital world changes quickly. Not just appetites of your audience but also search engine rules, emerging channels and even what success should be measured by. We’ve worked with many brands, large and small, that just need a fresh perspective. We provide an audit of what works and what doesn’t and plans for how to move things forward successfully. A supportive, extra expert helping hand.

Brand Strategy & Positioning

Services at Lisa Helmanis Ltd
Site work, part of the brand strategical work for Such&Such

Your brand may be well loved and established, or just a twinkle in your eye. We’ve worked with both to create strong identities that people can connect with. And on a breadth of formats and platforms without ever losing a brand’s core DNA. From refreshing tone of voice, to building strong brand pillars and creating an instantly recognisable visual footprint.

Business Roadmaps

What is holding back your growth? It could be something simple.
You might know what you want, but getting there is another thing.

Setting clear and defined goals, be it in social media, traffic or circulation, we work to clear and agreed schedules. Then we measure, analyse and refine, making a living, nuanced road map that helps us frequently exceed targets. Using a blend of instinctive creativity, in depth study of your market and proven tech best practice, we ensure we employ the best methods to reach your audience.

Our key services include
. Creating strategies in line with business aims, KPIs, best ROI and budget
. Taking off line brands on line and emerging formats
. Devising full cross platform strategy to increase brand awareness, traffic and conversion
. Translating the bricks and mortar retail experience online and driving footfall
. Analysing, improving and implementing platform and SEO strategies
. Creation of new brand identities including tone of voice and visual materials
. Restructuring and training digital teams.

Content Marketing

Services at Lisa Helmanis Ltd
Blog development for Fine+Rare wines

Our content ideas are led by our knowledge of what consumers want to engage with, where and when

We consider how they use their time and devices, and producing agenda setting concepts that capture their attention.

Mobilising a network of the best writers, stylists, photographers and film makers our concepts look and feel sleek and polished, reflecting our long history in glossy magazines, broadsheets and luxury digital. We underpin our work with deep research and data to ensure we connect with the exact audience, in the way they want to be reached: setting us apart from standard agencies.

We’ve create polished, unique propositions, for companies such as The Sunday Times, Hearst, Hachette, Alliance Atlantis, John Lewis, Marks & Spencer and Axon.


Services at Lisa Helmanis Ltd
Website reskin for RoundhouseDesign

We work with you to refine your proposition to work out not only what you want to say, but how your audience will hear it

People are bombarded with messages every day in a seemingly limitless variety of ways. To stand out, you need to create a strong voice with every touch point of your brand, from logo, imagery, tone of voice.  We work with you to refine your proposition to work out not only what you want to say, but how your audience will hear it; making sure we have a clear, elegant brand DNA that is strong across all formats.

Social Media and Marketing & Advertising

Services at Lisa Helmanis Ltd
Social media integration for Luxaflex

We analyse results then do what really works

We run successful organic and boosted campaigns across all major platforms to engage your existing fans and garner a wider, interested audience. We don’t believe in being on every platform for the sake of it; just the ones that count for your business aims. As well as growing your followers, we keep them engaged.

SEO Analysis and improvements

Services at Lisa Helmanis Ltd
SEO analysis and improvements for C2C Essex Rail line

Content rules. But it’s not enough: to enjoy it, you need to be able to find it

A frequent misunderstanding with SEO is that it is purely about the page; but we take it to the next level, also making the sites operate at an optimal level from a structural level.
. Working on back end platform integration and front-end interfacing
. Advising/delivering on platforms, SEO and tech solution
The number of ways in which a site can come unstuck – and lose rankings and traffic as a result – are many and varied. Duplicate content, shallow content, poor site architecture, blocked crawler access… these won’t be addressed by simple keywords. We make it our business to keep up to date with all the latest changes and algorithm updates from Google and all other major search engines.

Technical audits – Extensive site health checks on site architecture and health
Technical specifications – For new site builds and improvements to traffic and ranking for existing ones.


Services at Lisa Helmanis Ltd
Improved PPC/Adwords click-through rates from 4% to 10.3% for Pavilion Kensington

We’ve managed highly successful PPC Campaigns for clients ranging from interior sites, to hotels and large media companies.

We’ve started from scratch, building new campaigns from the ground up and we’ve also taken on many existing campaigns. And in each case our PPC management has meant that we’ve quickly got control over spend, closely monitored returns, and helped companies drive down their costs and increase their revenue. An effective tool in the suite acquisition of new clients, we consistently deliver great results with an efficient use of budget.

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